Posted by: cindyletchworth | September 23, 2013

Saying goodbye to an Amcon sales rep

Saying goodbye to an Amcon sales rep

Saying goodbye to an Amcon sales rep

Amcon sales rep, Norma, had a biting sense of humor and a dose of southern charm. She came from Ste. Genevieve Missouri which is about an hour’s drive south of St. Louis. She joined Amcon in 1998 and her polite telephone demeanor  always made her sound like she was smiling.

We lost Norma on Sept 7th. Her unexpected passing sent a shock wave through the sales department. Norma was versatile and worked in various departments including invoicing, customer service and inbound sales. She shared her outlook on life in many different ways and wove her creativeness into little comic poems or thoughtful reflections. When I asked one of her co-workers what she will remember most about Norma, Amy replied, ” Her sense of humor made me laugh for 10 years.”

In her cubicle hangs one of her favorite mementos, the New York City Firefighters calendar. She loved those handsome men and made no apologizes for ogling the male scenery. All  of us girls would stop by her desk at the beginning of each month to see which hunk was featured. She would just give that sly smile and wink.

Despite her comedic edge, Norma was a private person. She married and raised four children. “She was a kind, sweet and loving person who loved her kids,” Marilyn, an inbound sales rep, told me. ” She would help you with anything if she could.”

Another colleague remarked about her depth of understanding. ” She was a great friend with words of encouragement in any situation. I know I could go to her with any issue and she would talk me through it.”

During the last couple years, Norma worked the inbound sales department taking orders. On many a busy day she would assist over 70 customers and was one of our top order takers.

The place where Norma sat is far too empty. I keep waiting for her to smile at me from across the way. Someone who knew her a long time told me, “I will always remember her smile and a quick comeback answer to whatever the situation was.” That was Norma, smart and sassy. We will forever miss her beautiful soul.



  1. NORMA ROCKS!!!! She will be missed more than words can express.

  2. Norma will be greatly missed by all at Amcon! Her bubbly attitude and kind manner will always be remembered! Rest in Peace Norma!

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