Posted by: juliegriffey | October 20, 2013

Amcon sunglasses keep kids looking cool… and safe!

Wyatt wears Weezers

Wyatt (nephew of Amcon imprint guru, Amy F.) wears Weezers

As a mother of three, I have noticed that you can buy kids’ sunglasses just about anywhere – from Walmart to Gymboree, dollar stores and everywhere in between.  Retailers understand that parents want their kids’ eyes to be protected and kids just want to look cool.

Obviously most parents don’t want to break the bank on a pair of sunglasses that a kid might break or lose .  At the same time – parents also don’t want to buy sunglasses that will fall apart after a bit of wear and tear. Amcon has hit the sweet spot between quality and economy in our line of sunglasses.

Our kids’ sunglasses have been a popular item in the Amcon catalog for over ten years.  Throughout this time we have expanded the line to incorporate different styles for different age groups and different styles to reflect the changing times.

For the littles kids, Amcon See Wees, are a perfect fit.  See Wees are designed for comfort and safety for newborns thru toddler years. They have a no screw design, and soft flexible frames. All Amcon children’s sunglasses have polycarbonate, shatter resistant lenses, and are tested lead free.

The Weezers line, designed for older children, mirror popular adult sunglasses styles. Prints and patterns are chosen based on what’s “hot” at the time. With the growing popularity of Nascar among all age groups, we introduced the “Checkered Flag” and “Racy” designs. No one can deny the Duck Dynasty craze. “Hunter”, a black frame and camouflage temple style was a result of its popularity.

Have parents and kids stopping in your office? Consider retailing Amcon’s sunglasses, and keep parents happy and kids safe and looking cool.



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