Posted by: juliegriffey | November 18, 2013

Learning the optical trends in Las Vegas from Optica

Dwayne from Optica in Las Vegas

Dwayne from Optica in Las Vegas

Every day at Amcon, there is an opportunity to interface with our customers who are based all over the country, and some who are outside of the U.S. But most of our interactions occur through email and phone. Rarely do we get a chance to actually interact with our customers face-to-face. This is one of the reasons it is so valuable for us to attend an industry trade show (like Vision Expo West in Las Vegas where we recently exhibited).

Another way we get an opportunity to interact with our customers is to go visit them on their turf. Last week when I was in Las Vegas I had an opportunity to do exactly that.

The store that I visited is called, “Optica.” Optica is a high-end chain of optical stores with several locations inside the luxury malls/hotels/casinos in Las Vegas. Since I happened to be at the Venetian, I popped into the Optica within that property and got to chat for a few minutes with one of the employees, Dwayne.

Since Dwayne wasn’t busy at the time, I asked him a few questions about what was popular in his store. As you might imagine, the styles and colors of frames at his location in Las Vegas were not subtle. Retro frame styles like “Wayfarer and cat eye styles are really hot.” “People want to have more fun with their glasses,” he explained.  Bright colors like pink and purple frames are super popular.  (Huh… I wonder if people still feel good about that choice in frame color when they return home from Las Vegas.)

Amcon lens cleaner kits.

Private labeled lens cleaner kits from Amcon.

One of the coolest parts about visiting Optica in Las Vegas was seeing the personalized Amcon lens cleaner kits on the counter.  I asked Dwayne how the kits (containing a lens cleaner, cloth and screwdriver) were selling.  I guess people must have a lot of mishaps with their eyewear in Las Vegas, because according to Dwayne, he sells a lot of them.

Thanks, Dwayne for letting me come bother you at work, and thanks Optical for carrying our lens cleaner.



  1. That’s so very cool to get to see product that I help process orders for in their retail presentation! Thanks Dwayne and thanks Julie for taking the time to pop into their store.

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