Posted by: juliegriffey | December 15, 2013

The hottest European reading glasses trend

Hello from Belgium! I am writing remotely because I have been attending a conference in Brussels this week.  (I know – poor me.)

Anyway – while I was at the conference, I think I might have just discovered one of the coolest trends in reading eyewear. These reading glasses hang around your neck without a chain or cord, don’t bounce around, look sleek and modern and come in many different colors.

AND… they would look great on either a man or a woman.  (My model is a former Irish cop, and I think he’s totally pulling them off.)

Follow the image captions below to see how they work.

It looks like this man is wearing regular reading glasses…


that are on a chain or a cord. 


Hey, but that’s no chain or cord! Those reading glasses are actually one piece!


And the lenses simply fold back so that the glasses can be removed.


And they go right back together because of the magnet in the middle of the bridge. 


Pretty cool – don’t you think?   I will definitely show these to our purchasing department.  Let us know if you like them.



  1. very nice frame & nice creation good luck !!!

  2. Loads of people have been requesting these since the medical examiner on CSI New York sported them on the show several years ago. I would love to see them in the catalog.

    • Aha! So it’s not just a fancy new European style… oh well!

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