Posted by: juliegriffey | January 20, 2014

The Best Tip Ever for Retrieving a Lost Contact Lens

Finding a lost contact lens is easier than you might think

Finding a lost contact lens is easier than you might think

This weekend as I was cracking one dozen eggs into a bowl while preparing breakfast for family and friends I inevitably got a small piece of shell into the mixing bowl. While I was trying to fish it out, my friend asked, “what are you looking for?” Because it seemed like kind of a stupid, obvious question, I responded (jokingly) “my contact lens.” I mean – what else would I be looking for in a bowl of eggs besides a piece of shell???

Don’t get me wrong – I have lost my contacts plenty of times (never in a bowl of eggs).  Most of the time I usually concede and just pop in a new one.  For this reason – I always try to keep a spare on hand, and since I’m in the biz – I usually can get my contacts pretty cheap.  But occasionally I am desperate and absolutely need to find that contact I dropped.  So what do you do when you NEED to find that contact lens?  Looking on-line on different sites and message boards, I found some pretty great suggestions.

But by far the most genius idea that I discovered in my search for methods of finding lost contact lenses is the vacuum cleaner trick.  Here’s what you do.  Cover the tip of your vacuum with a piece of saran wrap or a nylon stocking.  Then run the vacuum across the floor and if your contact is on the ground, it should suck it right up onto the saran or the stocking and not into the vacuum.  Brilliant.

Keep  in mind – a contact left out of solution dries up pretty quickly – so it’s important to thoroughly soak and clean a contact lens that has been on a floor for a little while.   And of course, handle your lost and found contact lens with care.  A dried out contact gets pretty brittle and is very easy to tear.


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