Posted by: juliegriffey | January 27, 2014

Getting organized with Amcon

Amcon's pharmaceutical organizers help keep your office in order.

Amcon’s pharmaceutical organizers help keep your office in order.

In the past few weeks almost every part of the country has been affected by winter storms and extremely cold weather. A few weeks ago, when I was stuck indoors due to a massive snow storm, I attacked an organization project that had eluded me for quite some time: purging old toys and organizing the ones that remained.  Getting this project done felt fantastic – and has inspired me to organize other aspects of my life as well.

Has the combination of a new year and bad weather gotten you inspired to do a bit of organizing around your home and office? If so – Amcon has a few  items that will help you get your office in order… because isn’t that the reward for straightening up…getting to go shopping??

Amcon’s pharmacuetical organizers help keep eye drops and strips in order and within reach in the examination room.  Choose from two different sizes depending on your practice’s needs.  Having a spot to store your most frequently used products will make examinations more efficient.

Do you have a system for alerting office staff of the status of each room?  Consider investing in the 6 flag room status signal, and you will never have to guess.  Different colored flags clearly alert your office staff of the status of each room.  As soon as a room is vacant, you can get the next patient right in.

But what about the purging part?  Getting organized means parting with the items that we no longer want or need.  Do you have frames and accessories that have been sitting around your optical shop for years?  Why not clearance them out to make way for newer, hipper, more in-demand items?  Amcon’s clearance stickers are made to help you move these items off the shelf.

This cold weather and New Year buzz isn’t going to last forever, so take advantage of your urge to purge and get your office in order.


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