Posted by: juliegriffey | February 9, 2014

These reading glasses let you read in the dark: a possible solution for couples with different sleep habits

Lighted reading glasses

Lighted reading glasses: a solution for couples with different sleeping habits.

If you share a bed with someone who nods off a bit earlier than you,  you have probably faced this conundrum: how to do a bit of reading without disturbing your partner. Fortunately for me, my husband sleeps like a log. I could turn on all the lights and have a dance party in our bed and it wouldn’t bother him a bit.  But, unfortunately, the reverse is not true.

It absolutely drives me NUTS when he keeps the lights on to read when I want to sleep.  Don’t get me wrong – I am all for reading – but NOT when I’m ready to sleep. In an effort to minimize my sleep disturbance, I have given him book lamps which he uses for a while – but let’s face it – they are a bit clunky and sometimes awkward to use.  So that doesn’t last very long. But now I have an even better solution, especially now that my husband is old enough to need reading glasses: The Liberty LightSpecs™ Lighted Reading Glasses.

The Liberty LightSpecs™ Lighted Reading Glasses are a new product at Amcon: reading glasses in various powers with an optional light built in.  The light is small but focuses directly on where you are looking, which makes them perfect for reading in bed without disturbing your sleep partner.

I can’t wait to bring a pair home for my hub.  This could change everything for us, and maybe many other couples out there.  If you are looking for an exciting new item to retail in your optical practice, this may be the ticket.



  1. GREAT for reading the menu at a dimly lit restaurant, too!

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