Posted by: cindyletchworth | February 19, 2014

Shipping your optical supplies when the weather is cold

It’s been cold. I mean so cold my dog’s afraid to go outside to do her business in the morning. She races out the door, then promptly turns on her paws to make a quick return to the warmth despite the fact that she has a job to do. Amcon is located in St. Louis Missouri and as a child I remember cold, hard winters. In January of 1982, we had a storm so big the city shut down for about 3 days. The recorded snow measurement was 13.9 inches at Lambert Airport and 18 inches in the city. Even my dad stayed home, and he never let anything stop him from driving. He could navigate just about anything, but this snow left us all buried under drifts.

The last few years in St. Louis have been mild and we have hardly seen temperatures below freezing, much less run into a streak of bone-chilling weather. This year, however, we are finally getting the bitter cold and snow I remember. In some ways it is probably good. The news reported it might help contol some insect populations, but not mosquittos. They said it hasn’t been cold enough. Not cold enough?? We’ve been getting “arctic blasts” with highs in single digits and wind chills of -20 degress, every other week, and they last for days at a time. Wouldn’t even a hibernating insect like the mosquito feel this punch?

Right now many states are battling severe ice and snow, or have suffered from temperatures rarely seen in their area. To all of those folks living with winter’s fury, we send our best wishes. Living without power and passable roads, gets frustrating fast.

This weather is making many things difficult including shipping items that could freeze during transit. In our case it would be things like liquids and pharmaceuticals. If you are ordering these types of products, from Amcon, please remember that in order to safe-guard your merchandise, these items can’t be shipped during freezing temperatures, whether it is here or in your neighborhood. We do, however, keep watch of when the temperatures will warm. Once it is safe, in our region and yours, we will ship the products out.

This winter has left all of us hoping for an early spring. We may not get it, but at least we can start dreaming about all the promises that warmth brings. In the meantime, we will keep our mittens and our thermal attire in ready reach, as we battle through the next round of arctic chill.



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