Posted by: juliegriffey | March 3, 2014

Introducing Three New Features on the Amcon Web Site

New features in the My Amcon area of the Amcon web site.

New features in the My Amcon area of the Amcon web site.

Last week I wrote a post about the new “Create Order from Order History” Feature on the Amcon web site.  Hopefully some of you had a chance to use it, and found it to be a convenient way to build your order based on items you have ordered in the past.  Well – the new features don’t stop there. After meeting with the Amcon sales reps a few weeks ago, our web team discovered a few improvements we could make to the web site to make our sales reps’ and our customers’ lives easier.   So here they are.

Three new features on the Amcon web site:

1) Smarter searching.  Perhaps you have noticed that all of the Amcon stock numbers are in the format of: 2 letters, a dash, then a set of four numbers.    We learned that when our sales reps are on the phone and trying to quickly look up products to check pricing, they often omit the dash when typing in the stock number which failed to bring up the intended product.  We have now solved this issue and searching for a product via stock number with or without the dash will bring it up.

2) Quicker searching.  We also learned from the Amcon sales reps that when searching for one product after the next, the reps had to scroll to the top of the page and click into the search field to do the next search, i.e. the focus was not returning to the search field.  With a bit of code trickery, we fixed this as well.

3) Easier customer info updates.  Want to change your billing info, edit, add or remove ship to addresses? Just log into the Amcon web site and go to the “My Amcon” page if you are not delivered there automatically.  On the left-hand-side, you will see two new links: “Update My Profile” and “Update My Password.”  Click on these links to either update your profile information and/or your password.   (If you can’t remember your password – please keep in mind that you can change your password on the Login/page using the “reset your password” link.)

We hope that these new features make your Amcon on-line shopping experience more efficient and more pleasant.


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