Posted by: juliegriffey | March 10, 2014

Is it okay to wear contacts when swimming?

swimming in contacts

Keep your goggles on if you swim in your contacts.

Over the weekend  my husband took our kids to the local rec center pool for a swim.  Prior to leaving, he packed up his contacts to put in for his workout and then the swim.  For some reason – this got me thinking – is it dangerous to wear your contacts when you swim?  I am guessing that our rec center pool isn’t the cleanest one in the whole world.  But I would assume it’s treated with enough chlorine to kill just about anything that could harm your eyes.

So I did a little bit of research and discovered that wearing your contacts while swimming can be very dangerous.  In fact, in one case, a young woman lost her sight in one eye due to swimming (in a hotel pool) with her contacts in.  Apparently, “acanthamoeba keratitis, a parasite found in almost all soil, fresh water and sea water” got between her contact and her eye causing a terrible eye infection which lead to her loss of sight in that eye. Horrible.

Nevertheless, I still do it –  I wear my contacts swimming all the time.  I mean, how else am I going to see?  But after learning about the danger associated with this practice, I will definitely be more vigilant about wearing some very tight goggles when I go swimming… that is until I schedule my LASIK procedure.


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