Posted by: juliegriffey | March 23, 2014

A few little trinkets make a visit to the eye doctor a whole lot better.

sticker for kids eye exam

One of Amcon’s stickers designed for kids.

It’s amazing how one day your kids look completely normal and the next their hair is so long you can’t even stand it. When my husband started calling my 4-year-old son Justin Beiber and we started speculating about the types of rodents that were dwelling in the back of my daughter’s hair… that was the final straw; I had to get these kids a haircut.

Is a haircut really that big of a deal? Apparently so because all three of them whined and complained the whole way. But once we got to the salon and they saw the treasure chest of toys and lollypops, they started singing another tune.  Getting a haircut changed our ordinary day into “the BEST DAY EVER.”

Do they not realize that these lollipops and plastic gizmos cost less than 10 cents each and will disappear into a crevace within my minivan in the next five minutes? Apparently not, because they were super happy and already asking about when they could go back to that haircut spot.

Giving a kid some type of trinket when they come in for an appointment makes a big impression and can completely change their attitude about being there.  Which is exactly what happened when we went to see the pediatrician.  The doctor asked my son a question, and my son followed up his response with: “now can I have some stickers?”

Does your office give out trinkets to your young visitors?  Amcon has beefed up our offerings.  Now we are your source for all the little doodads that make kids excited about returning.  Check out our “Charlie the Bee Can See” coloring book, crayons, eye poppers, eye rings and stickers.  I know this may not get you that excited, but take it from me… it will make a four-year-olds day.


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