Posted by: juliegriffey | March 31, 2014

Plinko Fun at the Vision Expo East Amcon booth

It’s been another busy year at the Amcon booth at Vision Expo East. The Amcon sales reps who were in New York City this weekend reported heavy traffic with barely any reprieve. As far as we’re concerend – this is great news. We love seeing our customers in person, hearing their thoughts about our product line and learning more about their needs.

Amcon has been attending Vision Expo East for over 20 years, and while a lot has stayed the same over the years, we always like to introduce something new. This year was no exception. If you stopped into our booth, you may have noticed our updated booth design that we think looks more sleek and modern and also allows us to display additional products. In addition, we invested in an overhead banner to make it easier for everyone to find us.

We also brought a little fun to the booth with our new Amcon plinko game. If you happened to visit our booth at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas this fall, you may recall the Amcon roulette wheel. When shoppers placed an order of $100 or more, they got to spin the wheel to determine their prize, e.g. free shipping, $10 off, etc…. We had so much fun playing this game in Vegas, we knew we needed to do something fun like this for New York.  It seemed to us, though, that a roulette wheel only goes with Vegas and we needed  a game that would work with New York. Hello Plinko!

Plinko is a game where you drop a disc into a maze and it bounces around through the maze in a random pattern until it lands in a slot at the bottom.  (Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know what plinko was.  I mean – I had seen a plinko game – but I didn’t know there was a name for it.)   Just like in Vegas, customers got to take a turn playing after placing an order of $100 or more to determine their prize.  As you can see from the video – it’s hard to tell who enjoyed the game more, our sales rep, Susan, or our customer!

Thank you to everyone who came by to visit us.  We hope to see you throughout the year, otherwise see you next year!

Amcon's booth at Vision Expo East 2014

A rare quiet moment at the Amcon booth.

Amcon's booth at Vision Expo East 2014

Amcon’s booth at Vision Expo East 2014



  1. excellent both congrats

    • Thank you. We are proud of it.

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