Posted by: juliegriffey | April 7, 2014

The Amcon 2014 catalog makes it’s debut… and we’ve listened to your requests

2014 Amcon catalog

2014 Amcon catalog

Around this time of the year every year, many of us at Amcon are breathing a huge sigh of relief. Our new catalog is done! Hot off the press – it’s in the mail and might have even landed on your doorstep.

Each year putting together the new catalog is a monumental undertaking. We evaluate our product offerings, analyze our costs and source new items.

This year we introduced over 150 new items. Sometimes ideas for these new items come from our own industry research, but in many cases ideas for new products are based on your requests.

This year was no exception. New categories of products and new colors and quantities of existing products were introduced based on your requests.

• Last year our color offerings for our very popular Simply Kleen cloths were two purples, a blue and and a grey – but this year we mixed it up, adding colors that we have never carried before: red and kelly green. The choice of these colors was motivated by customer requests.
• We also added new quantity options for our temple tips. Previously we only offered a 2 pair and a 100 pair package. Customers told us that they wanted a quantity in between 2 and 100, so we added a 10 pair pack of the temple tips.
• In 2013 we introduced the 15 mm Soft Silicone Round Tear Drop Nose Pads. Customers loved them, but also wanted some additional sizes like 13mm and 17mm. In 2014 the 13mm and 17mm Soft Silicone Round Tear Drop Nose Pads are making their debut in the Amcon catalog.
• Over the year we learned that our customers needed office basics such as Kleenex brand tissue, Curad bandages, and Benadryl, so we brought these items in to make Amcon even more of a one-stop-shop.

Let us know your thoughts about the 2014 Amcon catalog. We love your suggestions. Your ideas are what help us evolve our business!


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