Posted by: juliegriffey | April 21, 2014

Amcon’s Leatherette Frame Trays make an Upscale “Shopping Basket”

Amcon's Leatherette Frame Storage Trays

Amcon’s Leatherette Frame Storage Trays

When we introduce a new item to the Amcon product line, occasionally our suggested intended use differs from how the product is actually being used in the office. Our new Leatherette Frame Storage Trays in black and wine, which we brought in in 2012, are a great example of an Amcon product being used in a new and creative way.

When we conceived of the Leatherette Frame Trays and sent our specifications to the manufacturer, our intention was to make a presentation tray for opticians to present frame options to their customers.   However, what we have learned is that the office staff are offering the trays to the customers to use while they walk around to pick out the frames they like. They put them in these trays and it’s easier than carrying several pair in their hands. They then bring the tray to a table where they discuss them/price them/try them on/etc… The Leatherette Frame Trays have become a great solution in preventing frames from getting dropped, smudged or “accidentally” put in someone’s hand bag.

Perhaps this creative use of the Leatherette Frame Trays explains why they have become so popular.  Nonetheless, the demand for these trays has not been lost on us.  In the 2014 Amcon catalog, we introduced some additional upscale frame storage trays that could be used in a similar fashion.  Be sure to check out the new 6-Cavity Frame Presentation Case  and the 8-Cavity Frame Presentation Case with Mirror.

Do you have any creative unconventional uses for an Amcon product?  We’d love to hear about it.


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