Posted by: juliegriffey | May 12, 2014

Three reasons why our Dr. Fischer Lid Wipes are better than the rest.

Image Last week when we attended the ASCRS show in Boston, we gave away a lot of samples of our Dr. Fischer Preservative-Free Eye Lid Wipes, and not just to the doctors and other optical professionals who stopped by.  Some of our booth neighbors took an interest in the product and wanted to try it for themselves to remove their makeup. The day after taking home their samples, our new friends returned to the show raving about Dr. Fischers Lid Wipes and how effective they were in removing eye makeup.  So before returning home, we loaded them up with a few extra samples.

The funny thing is, the Dr. Fischer Preservative-Free Eye Lid Wipes are not even really intended for makeup removal.  They are actually designed for relief from a wide variety of conditions: blepharitis, conjunctivitis, hordeolum, dacryocystitis hay fever and hygienic care following clinical procedures, which makes them a great retail item for your office.

Dr. Fischers Lid Wipes are not the only product of its kind on the market.  There are a few competitors out there, but Dr. Fischer edges out the competition in these three areas:

1) Price.  Amcon sells Dr. Fischers Lid Wipes to optical professionals at a price approximately $2 lower than what our competitors are selling their comparable products.

2) Larger wipe.  Dr. Fischers Lid Wipes are much larger than other brands – so you get more product in each wipe.

3) No residue and therefore no need to wash after wiping.  Some of the competing products leave a soapy residue on your lid.  So you must rinse quite a bit after wiping.  Rinsing is not necessary after using a Dr. Fischers Lid Wipe.

Sound intriguing? Try Dr. Fischers Lid Wipes out for yourself.  Your Amcon sales rep can have a sample sent with your next order.




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