Posted by: juliegriffey | May 16, 2014

Looking for a great variety of quality (made in the USA) optical screws for a great price? Amcon has you covered.

Amcon stainless steel screws

Looking for great optical screws? You’ve come to the right place.

Where are you currently buying your optical screws?  If not from Amcon, then maybe you should reconsider.  Amcon has a great variety of superior quality screws at a great price.  Not convinced?  Here are four reasons why Amcon screws are so fantastic.

1) The quality.  Many of our competitors source their screws from overseas.  Our screws are made in the USA and  are 100% stainless steel.  According to our customer service representative, Courtney, we RARELY receive a complaint.  In fact, we usually get rave reviews.

2) The packaging.  Our screws are packed in a tic tac like container so the package can be easily opened with one hand.  And, unlike some of our competitors, the screw container is transparent – so you can easily see when you are running low.

3) The variety. We offer so many types of screws, it might be hard to keep them straight!  Amcon’s line of premium screws include the EZTSelf-Tapping with SherlockSelf-Aligning Hinge Finder with Sherlock  and the regular Self-Aligning.  Check out this previous blog post that explains the difference between these different types of screws.  We also recently added the Quick Tapper series to our screw line.  The Quick Tapper screws have a lengthened pilot enabling the screw to stand up straight, align, and quickly engage the threads.  And we also added the Snap-it line of screws which are screws with long feeders for easy handling and repairs with a feeder that can be broken off without any tools.

4) The price.  According to the Amcon sales reps, they have never heard of a competitor beating our prices on screws. But if you don’t believe our sweet, honest Amcon sales reps, shop around.  We think you will find Amcon screws are priced very, very competitively.

Want even better news?  The EZT, Self-Tapping with Sherlock, Self-Aligning Hinge Finder with Sherlock  and the regular Self-Aligning screws are on sale this month – so stock up and save!


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