Posted by: juliegriffey | May 27, 2014

Modern reader sunglasses: look cool, protect your eyes and read at the beach or pool.

mp7100Now that summer has officially begun and we have gotten in a bit of pool time, I have become acutely aware of a major issue that faces fashionable bifocal wearers when trying to read in the sun: three conflicting needs – magnification of text, sun protection and looking cool.  Is it possible to address all three needs when trying to read at the pool or beach with one single pair of glasses?

Well – yes it is.   Check out Amcon’s new Spring Hinge Sunglass Readers with Polycarbonate Lenses. I actually discovered these sunglasses while scrolling through the new items on the Amcon web site and stopped to check them out because I thought they were so cute.  These bifocal sunglasses come in black and tortoise, are available in four l powers and are needless to say – super stylish.

If I am so taken by these sporty specs- I’m sure your customers will be too.  Consider retailing these this summer – especially if your practice is in a resort location  -and enjoy the extra revenue.


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