Posted by: cindyletchworth | June 27, 2014

Fit-over sunglass power!

Cindy looks cute in her fit-over sunglasses

Cindy looks cute in her fit-over sunglasse

Well, it looks like I’m in fashion after all. I have some of the larger fit-over sunglasses and I learned from Good Morning America, that the big ones are the better choice.

The reason? They cover more areas on your face and provide more shade protection. This according to Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, helps prevent wrinkles and possible sunburn. She says that if you are usually squinting this can cause those nasty wrinkles at the creases of your eyes. And if you wear sunglasses with wire frames, those can give you sunburn.

Frankly, the bigger plastic styles don’t bother me. I like the fact that I can just slip these frames over my existing glasses and away I go. To me they are easier than the flip up designs. Sure the flip-ups are more light weight, but then you always have to mess with where you’ve put them because chances are you aren’t going to keep them on your regular frames all day. Being smaller in size means easier to lose, which my sister can attest to. Of course you can misplace the big ones, it’s just a little harder.

You don’t think about sun rays penetrating your eyes from the side, but the boxier-type frames, made of plastic, provide little awnings for your baby blues. The wrap-around effect provides you with better sun protection, and now we know they keep you younger looking longer.

My great aunt used to always wear the bigger fit-overs. As a kid I noticed how big they looked, but she was diligent about wearing them and soon I got used to seeing her with them on. Later, my mom followed suit, and now here I am joining the parade. This time, however, I’m grinning because I’m putting sleek design over good eye and skin health. Thank goodness Amcon has many of these awesome wrap-around styles to choose from.


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