Posted by: juliegriffey | July 5, 2014

How do you avoid getting pink eye when you are around it every day?

Pink eye can affect anyone.

Pink eye can affect anyone.

Last week my 71-year-old father came down with pink eye — which seemed really odd to me as pink eye tends to afflict kids, parents of young kids and daycare workers.  Yet – somehow he managed to pick it up.  And he was MISERABLE.  In addition to his eyes burning and being extremely light sensitive, he also had a fever and just felt awful.

When my dad initially came down with the affliction, he wasn’t sure what was wrong.  So he went to see his ophthalmologist who gave him the diagnosis.  He also prescribed him some anti-viral and antibiotic ointment.

Pink eye can be either viral or bacterial.  My husband (the ER doc) says that viral pink eye is much more common than bacterial, but docs often prescribe the antibiotic – just in case.  He also said that bacterial pink eye tends to be a lot more goopy. Since my dad had other symptoms of a virus and his eye was not very goopy, his pink eye was most likely viral.

As last week wore on, my dad’s eye started to look better, but I definitely kept my distance.  Viral pink eye is super contagious.  Thinking about him and that icky eye visiting the eye doctor’s office got me thinking about how employees in an optical office keep from getting pink eye all the time.  I mean – they are probably exposed to it on a daily basis!

I would imagine that it is absolutely imperative that equipment and counters are disinfected frequently with Caviwipes and employees clean their hands with hand sanitizer or optical hand scrub frequently.  But maybe you all who are on the front lines have other tips for avoiding getting pink eye when you are around it all the time?  What are your secrets? And while you’re at it – maybe throw in a few suggestion on how to make it go away a little more quickly.  My father will appreciate it.


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