Posted by: juliegriffey | August 11, 2014

How can my optical practice be found by Google searches?

Search engine optimization tips for your optical practice

Search engine optimization tips for your optical practice

Besides writing this blog on a weekly basis, my main job at Amcon involves working on the Amcon web site and internal web applications. When people hear that I work on web sites, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is “how do I get better visibility from search engines?” Good question! We are actually trying to figure that out at Amcon as well. When people search for some of our most popular products like lens cleaner, post myds and flat packs – how do we ensure that Amcon comes up in a Google search??

Unfortunately the only people who can answer that question with 100% certainty are the people who work at Google – and probably only the programmers who work on the search algorithms. The bottom line is – no one really knows – even “search engine experts,” which is kind of a bummer – because for all of us who don’t work at Google, we can only speculate and try different things to try to get our sites ranked higher by Google.

With that said – here are a few things I have learned about how Google seems to work.

1) Your content can’t lie. If your goal is to show up on the first page of Google when users search for “Omaha optometrist,” then those terms must appear in your content. More specifically – these terms should appear in your page title, headings and in your URL strings (a technical issue I just overcame on our site – yay!)

2) Be realistic about search terms. Sure – it would be nice if your web site appeared anytime someone searched for “optometry office,” but do you really need it to? A person in Alaska is not a target customer for your optometry practice in North Carolina. You don’t need to capture that general of a search. Focus on more narrow and specific queries.

3) Create some content that relates to the issues you face in your office. The more content that you create associated with target searches the more likely you are to capture them. Start blogging – not only will it boost your search engine rankings – if anyone looks up your practice they will see how smart and engaged you are about the optical field.

4) Learn to love social media. I  get it.  People can be SUPER annoying on Facebook – but when it comes to getting info out there about your specials, your new products, etc… a Facebook following is a captive audience. Set up a page for your optical practice and ask your friends and family to like it. The more likes you can get – the more people will hear your message.

5) When all else fails – advertise! It’s pretty inexpensive and simple to create web based ads that are shown to users when they search for topics related to your desired keywords. If you monitor these ads you can easily determine whether you are getting your money’s worth.

Good luck – and when it comes to search engine visibility – we’re in this boat together.


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