Posted by: juliegriffey | August 30, 2014

Different prescriptions in each eye? Does it matter in prescription swim goggles?

prescription swim goggles

What kind or prescription swim goggles do your customers need?

New product meetings at Amcon often trigger lively discussions and many unanswered questions. We give a lot of thought to the items we bring into our product line, because we want to be sure that what we offer is what our customers actually want.

Last week at our new product meeting, we looked at some prescription swim goggles. The swim goggles we were considering had fixed powers in both lenses, which differed from prescription swim goggles we had reviewed in the past that could be customized with two different powered lenses.

There are pros and cons to both types of prescription swim goggles. The pros of the swim goggles with set powers in both lenses are that they are made already. There is no need to go to a lab, so they would be less expensive and readily available. The pros of the swim goggles with customizable lenses are that they can be made to your exact prescription.

As we debated which type of swim goggles our customers would really want, I posed the question, “what percentage of the population has an eyeglass prescription that is different in their two eyes?” How many people would even need to have their swim goggles customized with two different powers?

After pitching these questions to Google with a lack of results, I posed the same questions to my father-in-law, ophthalmologist, Tom and my brother-in-law, ophthalmologist, Paul. ( Dr. Tom said that he would estimate that more than 50% of the eyeglass-wearing population has two different powered lenses in their glasses. Dr. Paul estimated that 20% of the population has more than 1 diopter prescription difference between their two eyes.

While these numbers are much greater than what I would have anticipated, I think it’s important to keep the context in mind: how perfect must your vision be when you are swimming laps? Is it really necessary to match your exact prescription when you are under water? Dr. Paul agreed, but added, if you do buy prescription swim goggles off-the-shelf, you should buy them in the power of your dominant eye.

While our prescription swim goggle product line is still being decided, we would love to hear your thoughts. What type of prescription swim goggles would best suit your patient population? Why?


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