Posted by: juliegriffey | September 8, 2014

Contact lens box or vial stickers – what’s more popular? red or black?

Contact Lens Box StickersYou can learn a lot about Ancon products by hanging out in the Amcon warehouse. Just last week I was chatting with long-time employee, Pat, in our warehouse while she was packing up an order of red contact lens box (or vial) “right” and “left” stickers.  These stickers are used to indicate which box or vial of contact lenses are intended for the patient’s right eye, and which ones are made for the left. While Pat was packing up the order, she mentioned, “we sure sell a lot of these red stickers, a lot more than the black ones.”

Really?  Her comment took me by surprise because I would have assumed we sell a lot more black ones.  We actually carry the black “right” and “left” contact lens box or vial stickers in a Spanish version (“D” and “L”), but  the red ones – only in English.

I mentioned Pat’s statement to our Director of Advertising who immediately assumed that Pat was wrong. But, nevertheless, she decided to pull up some numbers and look into it anyway. Low-and-behold – we were both surprised to learn that we actually do sell over 1000 packs more of the red stickers and than the black counterpart. Pat was right.

So why is it that our customers are buying red stickers more than black? Is it because they stand out better on the boxes and vials? Do our customers just need a little more color in their life?  Who knows – but the bottom line is… why are we not selling the Spanish version in red if that is the more popular option?

I will definitely be asking these questions at our next new product meeting, and will let you know if there are any product additions. Thank you Pat for your insightful observation.  I’m heading back to the warehouse to see what else I can learn.


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