Posted by: juliegriffey | September 15, 2014

Three reasons why you should come see us at Vision Expo West… as if you need a reason…

vegasIt’s Vision Expo West week in Las Vegas!  And you better believe it –  we’re going to be there. Each year we try to bring something bigger and better than what we’ve done in the past and this year is no exception. Here are three reasons why you should come check out our booth (LP-11109) at Vision Expo West.

1) We’re bringing back the Amcon Roulette Wheel!  We had so much fun last year with our Amcon roulette wheel that we are bringing it back again. When you place an order at our booth you will get a chance to spin the wheel to either receive a discount off your order, get free shipping or win a great price.

2) We’ve got free (and A LOT of) lens cleaner!    In setting up the booth this year we decided that we needed an interesting focal point that would help communicate the fact that we have the highest quality and best priced lens cleaner in the business.  So… we built a tower of different sized lens cleaner. If you’ve never used Amcon’s lens cleaner, this is the perfect opportunity to try some. Just please don’t knock down our tower.

3) We’ve doubled the size of our booth! This means we have we have many more products on display, so you can get your hands on a lot of the items you see in our catalog. A bigger booth also means more space for us to visit and get caught up – come by and say hello.

Now you have no excuse, come over to Amcon’s booth (LP-11109) at Vision Expo West and say hello to your Amcon friends.


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