Posted by: juliegriffey | October 13, 2014

Producing your personalized optical products even more efficiently


Amcon’s new imprint managing system

Customized lens cleaner, cloths, flat packs, cleaner kits, and other optical products are a big part of what we do at Amcon, so it’s absolutely imperative that we produce these orders as efficiently and accurately as possibly. For this reason, we have launched a new internal software solution for managing imprint orders that we affectionately call, “Amcon IMM” (the Amcon Imprint Manager).

The Amcon IMM has been a challenging application to build because it involved so many different departments at Amcon with very different needs.  Some of the tasks that IMM facilitates are:

  • Sales rep entering the order
  • Accounting verifying that customer is not on a credit hold
  • Sales rep communicating with art department regarding screen needed
  • Art department notifying sales and production that screen has been made
  • Sales rep managing screen approval process with customer
  • Production team accessing orders that need to be produced
  • Production team recording inventory used in production processes for accounting purposes
  • Production team notifying shipping department when order is produced
  • Shipping team providing details regarding when and how order is shipped.

As you can see – this has been a monumental project building and debugging the system and getting everyone trained to use it.  However, the impact has been well worth the effort, and our customers are reaping the benefits.  Now, every Amcon sales rep can see the status of an imprint order.  Are we waiting for approval on the screen or is it in production?  With a few mouse clicks, this information is easily accessible.  And because we are communicating more efficiently about each order, orders are getting out the door in your hands more quickly.


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