Posted by: juliegriffey | October 24, 2014

Halloween Costumes from Your Amcon Optical Supplies

Rubber glove man: one of the more creative costumes you can fashion from your Amcon optical supplies.

There are only 6 days until Halloween, and if you’re like me – you’ve got costumes to assemble for the kiddos within the next few days. This year – I’m actually doing OK.  All the kids have stuck to their costume idea and we are just about done getting them all together. But this is not always the case.  Often times we are scrambling to get a costume together at the last minute.

While I was looking through the Amcon catalog, my mind drifting towards plans for Halloween, it occurred to me that many Amcon products – that you probably have in stock – would make great accessories for Halloween costumes.   Let me share a few ideas which will hopefully send you on your way to complete Halloween costume completion.

1) Eye patches – the most obvious costume that I thought involving the use of an eye patch is a pirate.  But there are a lot of other famous characters you could dress up like with the assistance of an eye patch: Danger Mouse, Bazooka Joe, #2 from the Austin Powers series and Elle Driver from the Kill Bill series.

2) Thermal and Recording Papers could be used to make a super easy and super quick mummy costume.   I’m actually working on one now using strips of a used sheet, gluing them onto some white garments.  This is time consuming.  I wish I thought of this earlier. Oh well.

3) Solarolz – let’s face it; these temporary sunglasses are kind of weird and futuristic.  Start with a pair of Solarolz – then get funky and you have a super Lady Gaga costume… or someone from the future.

4) Surgical masks and caps – add a pair of scrubs and you have a doctor costume.  Add a crazy set of teeth, some blood splatter and some weird scary scissors and other instruments of torture and you have a mad, crazy doctor.

5) Rubber gloves – this is where you can get super crazy.  I am sure there are a million costumes you can fashion out of rubber gloves.  But the rubber glove man?  You may just win a costume contest, and you can thank us at Amcon later.


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