Posted by: juliegriffey | November 10, 2014

Time to stock up on your Amcon optical supplies before the end of the year – UPS shipping rates are changing!

UPS shipping changes are on the horizon.

UPS shipping changes are on the horizon.

Do you carefully monitor your shipping charges to try to minimize your what you spend?  If so – it may be time for you to stock up on your optical supplies, because shipping fees will be changing in 2015…  Next year UPS is introducing rates based on the volume of a package in relation to it’s weight (dimensional weight), and the overall impact will be higher shipping rates.

Did I just hear you groan?  Believe me – we are not happy about it either, as it presents quite a few challenges here at Amcon.  Fortunately, we knew this was coming, and now we are preparing for the change…  First of all – we needed to get some new equipment in our warehouse.  If our shipping charges are going to be based on the volume of a package, our scales need to be able to detect a package’s dimensions in addition to it’s weight.  We also need to be able to be able to predict the dimensional weight of an order before putting it on the scale.  This is because when Amcon customers shop on-line and want to pay via credit card, we have to figure out what to charge them for shipping.  We’re still working on that one.

So how will the Amcon customer be affected? According to the web site, Bird Dog, the impact will be as follows:

  • Packages with large volume and low weight will see an increase in shipping cost.
  • Greater ship distances will be impacted more than shorter ones.

Here’s the good news… Amcon is centrally located (in St. Louis, MO) so shipping distances are never extremely long. But take a moment to consider what big, bulky items you order from Amcon.  It may make sense to stock up now before the changes take effect.


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