Posted by: juliegriffey | November 17, 2014

Personalize your shopping bags at Amcon Labs

Personalized frosted boutique bag

Personalized frosted boutique bag

Have you noticed our cute white, frosted boutique bags that are part of the Holiday lens cleaning kit?  Adorable, right?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could purchase them separately from the holiday cleaning kit and imprint them with whatever design and information you desire?

Well – your wish has been granted.  The small, frosted boutique bag is now available with or without personalization.  Similar in size to our popular paper boutique bag that can also be personalized, the small, frosted bag is perfect for shoppers who have purchased new glasses or other small retail items in your optical store. Unlike the paper bag, however, the white frosted bag provides a brighter backdrop for our colorful ink colors when personalizing.

There are a number of advantages in giving away this new white, frosted bag at the point of purchase. This boutique bag has a high-end look which elevates the whole feeling of your store. Yet, the semi-transpareny allows office staff to see the contents of the goods in the bag which helps discourage shoplifting.

Check out the new frosted boutique bags on-line and get creative with your own personalized version.



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