Posted by: juliegriffey | November 21, 2014

Black Friday at Amcon – Great Gifts + Free Shipping.

Black Friday at AmconWell it’s that time of year again – when all of us consumers go crazy scouring for deals and buying WAAAAAAYY too many holiday gifts.  While some of us dread the inundation of holiday sales marketing and subsequent guerrilla shopping, others relish in the madness.

Here at Amcon we felt it only right that we jump on the crazy bandwagon of Black Friday.  So, for this week only – we are offering free shipping* on orders $100+, making Thanksgiving week the optimal time to stock up on your optical supplies.

The question, you may be asking is, what should I buy?  Here are some suggestions.

1) Stock up on pharmaceuticals.  Many of our pharmaceuticals are not able to be shipped during freezing temperatures.   Since the polar vortex seems to be at bay this week – you may want to get your optical pharmaceutical orders in.

2) Replenish your inventory of supply bags.  With both the small and the medium supply bags on sale this month, you can save on the product price and take advantage of our shipping offer.

3) Order retail items.  Shoppers are looking for unique stocking stuffers and other gift items.   Create some signage to remind office visitors that optical supplies (chains, readers, designer contact lens cases) and more, make great holiday gifts.

* Excludes special orders/pricing and imprint orders.


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