Posted by: juliegriffey | November 30, 2014

Cleaning your glasses has benefits beyond seeing clearly.

Cleaning your glasses can help keep you healthy.

Cleaning your glasses can help keep you healthy.

Almost anyone who wears glasses has inevitably experienced the annoyance of dirty, smudged glasses.  Once you finally clean them, your world becomes crystal clear, leaving you to wonder why it took you so long to clean them in the first place.

I for one, should definitely clean my glasses more frequently.  Usually I put them on when I am half-asleep anyway so the lack of visibility hardly phases me. But after doing a bit of research recently, I’ve found new inspiration to keep my glasses clean: germs.

Let’s face it – dirty glasses are covered with germs.  Especially if you take your glasses on and off frequently and leave them on questionable surfaces.  Also, adjusting your glasses frequently can make them dirty, especially if you touch your glasses with unwashed hands, you can easily transfer germs on your glasses.  And with your glasses being so close to your eyes, bad bugs can easily travel between your specs and into your eyes, making you sick.

So why take any more chances? This winter when we are all prone to getting sick anyway, take an extra line of defense and clean your glasses!  Pick up an eyeglass cleaning kit and stay healthy

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