Posted by: juliegriffey | December 14, 2014

Fake eyelashes – a hazard to your eyes

Dangers of fake eyelashesIt’s holiday party season once again! Most of us want to look our best for these events which may call for drastic measures – pre-party fasting, donning super high heels, springing for a professional blow-out or a fabulous new dress.  Some women may even enhance their natural facial appearance with false eyelashes.  But after learning about some of the horror stories associated with wearing false eyelashes – I won’t go near them!

Ok – who am I kidding?  I’m not the type to wear false eyelashes.    Frankly, I’m too lazy / low maintenance to partake in such a practice. But mostly I’ve never had any interest in wearing false eyelashes because every time I see someone with false eyelashes I don’t think – “wow, she looks good!” – instead, I think “wow, she’s wearing false eyelashes.”

Now I have a legitimate reason not to wear false eyelashes; the adhesives and solvents used to adhere and remove them can cause eye irritation and infections.  Our eyelids and eyelashes are a sensitive part of our bodies that can be very easily irritated with frequent application and removal of false eyelashes.  Fans of false eyelashes can fall into a vicious cycle where they feel more and more compelled to wear them as their natural eyelashes are depleted from the removal process of the fake ones.

Is the look of long lashes really worth the risk of irritating your eyes – or even worse – ending up with an eye infection? I will leave that up to you.  But I certainly don’t have time for an extra visit to the eye doctor over the holidays.  Do you?

Check out this video from the Today show on the danger of false eyelashes.



  1. Wearing them on special occasions is as hazardous as wearing mascara, which most women tend to wear everyday. If they are applied correctly, they are applied to the lash line right by your eyelid, NOT on the lashes. It also has to do with the quality of glue and eyelashes. MAC No. 7 white glue works wonders as well as their premium lashes. My two best friends work at MAC, are certified cosmetologists and wear fake eyelashes every day. They swear by them and they have never had a problem with eye infections or irritation. I personally don’t like wearing them everyday, but I definitely think that if you want to go all out for a “holiday party” then you should not fear eyelashes. Just be patient so you can apply them correctly.

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