Posted by: juliegriffey | December 22, 2014

De-fog your loved ones this holiday season.

Fogged glasses can be a real nuisance

Fogged glasses can be a real nuisance

Today in St. Louis it is cold and rainy, and driving around town my windshield is fogging up like crazy. Fortunately today I am wearing my contacts and NOT my glasses.  I have a feeling that people in glasses are having quite the fog-fest today.

It then occurred to me that having some Zero-Fog spray would be quite helpful on a day like today. Zero-Fog is comprised of the most used anti-fog material in the world. Zero-Fog prevents fogging on eyeglasses, safety glasses, ski goggles, swim goggles, automotive instrument panels, and much more. Don’t like spray?  Well – check out the Zero-Fog wipes.

If you are faced with damp, foggy weather – why not stuff some stockings with Zero-Fog spray or wipes for the eyeglass, safety/ski/swim goggle wearing people in your life and keep them from fogging up?


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