Posted by: juliegriffey | January 18, 2015

Keeping Ice Off My Goggles – Wishing I had Stocked Up for Skiing

gogglesToday we spent the day skiing in New Hampshire and it was not pretty. It was cold and wet. It started snowing, then the snow turned to rain, and then the rain turned to ice. After a few runs skiing in rain, I was literally covered in a sheet of ice. I bent my elbows, and my jacket crunched… lovely New England skiing.

I can ski with a frozen coat.  But when your goggles are covered in ice, it’s very difficult to see and ski. Everyone in our group had iced over goggles and were frankly, pretty miserable.   One would assume that the member of the group who works for the optical supply company (me) would come to the rescue with a lens cleaning cloth.  Um.  No.  Not so much.  I have access to every type of lens cleaning cloth and I’ve got nothing. I vow to be better prepared next time.

But this also gave me an idea.  I am guessing that many of our customers are located in places near ski resorts.  Why not put together a skier / snowboarder emergency goggle de-icing kit?  A lab size lens cleaning cloth and some anti-fogger cleaning cloths would be a highly sought-after item for skiers caught in ice. So how about this for a new retail item?


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