Posted by: juliegriffey | January 26, 2015

Children’s sunglasses – a great birthday gift for kids and moms.

Kids sunglasses birthday gift

Thanks for the best birthday gift – EVER

Today is my daughters 9th birthday and I’m bracing myself for the onslaught of one dozen third grade girls that are about to arrive at my house in the next couple of hours. It will be crazy for sure – but that’s not the part of the birthday party experience that I dread; it’s the one dozen gifts that will arrive with all these little people.

Sounds horrible, right? But I do not know what to do with another craft kit or more Legos. We haven’t yet cracked opened the ones from her birthday party last year. Parents – for the love of God –  please stop this insanity of giving these types of gifts. How about something practical that doesn’t take up a lot of space that kids will actually enjoy and use?

Here’s a crazy idea. How about giving a kid some cool sunglasses with a fun case and some lens cleaning supplies? I’m sure this idea may not come to mind for most parents pressed to find a birthday gift – but as a retailer of kids’ sunglasses – you can plant the seed.  Make a sign next to your retail display: “Kid’s sunglasses and cleaning kit: a fun and practical birthday gift!”  I am betting you will bring in some extra retail dollars and mothers of gift recipients will thank you.  Trust me….


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