Posted by: juliegriffey | February 2, 2015

Football is not the most dangerous sport… when it comes to your eyes

protective goggles

Protect your eyes when playing sports

I, like the millions of other Americans, watched the Super Bowl yesterday. Although –  I have to admit – I was more interested in the Katy Perry half time show then the game – but nonetheless – I did take in a bit of the actual game play.  But, since I don’t actually understand the rules of football – I found myself thinking about other things – like the (well-documented) dangers of playing football.

But here’s the interesting thing… when it comes to ocular injuries – football is NOT the most dangerous sport.  Basketball and baseball rank highest as the most dangerous sports for your eyes.   Football is still on the list as a threat to a player’s ocular health – but other more seemingly benign activities like tennis, fishing and martial arts can lead to serious eye injuries.

The types of injuries that can be sustained during sporting activities include blunt trauma, penetrating injuries and radiation injury from the sun.  A blunt trauma injury is the most common – and occurs when something hits the eye – like a racquet or a ball. A penetrating injury occurs when something gets into the eye – like a fishing hook when you are fishing.  (Yes – this actually happens.)  A radiation injury occurs when the eyes get too much sun exposure, if you forget to wear sunglasses or goggles when skiing or participating in water sports.

According to the American Association of Family Practitioners, the best way to protect your eyes when playing sports is to wear protective googles with 3mm polycarbonate lenses.  If you are participating in outdoor sports its important to wear sunglasses or goggles with UV protection.

Now that the Super Bowl is over – it’s time to get off the couch and actually start playing some sports. But before you do – make sure to consider your eyes.

Check out Amcon’s protective eyewear selection.  We have been considering adding a line of Rx – able sports goggles – let us know what you think.


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