Posted by: juliegriffey | March 2, 2015

Designer contact lens cases – check out our new designs for 2015.

designer-contact-lens-casesThe first time I worked the Amcon booth at Vision Expo East, I was amazed by how many people wanted to buy our designer contact lens cases right off our display. I don’t get it. I’m one of those people who only keeps her contacts in the medicine cabinet. But I must be in the minority because – people LOVE those designer contact lens cases and we certainly sell enough to prove it.

Each year when we put together the new Amcon catalog, we take a look at what designer contact lens cases are selling like hotcakes and which ones are not. We then eliminate the lowest selling designs to make room for some fresh new styles. Lori Alstat, director of advertising at Amcon, spearheads this effort every year. Here’s what inspires Lori when coming up with new designs for the designer lens cases.

“There are a number of factors that go into coming up with new designer lens case designs.  I first look at product requests.  Often our customers tell us what designs they would like to see.  I also get inspiration from current trends – such as the recent Duck Dynasty craze.   People seem to be obsessed with hunting-themed merchandise so we responded by introducing a “Big Buck” contact lens case.  Designs that have sold well in the past provide ideas as well and I try to build on that momentum.  For example, our beach themed designs sell really well, so this year I introduced the very preppy A’Hoy case. “

We hope you are as enthused as we are about our new designs featured in the new Amcon 2015 catalog scheduled to drop in the next few weeks.  We’ve already listed them online, so take a sneak peek and start placing your orders.


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