Posted by: juliegriffey | March 9, 2015

Worry-free travel with contact lenses.

Keep your glasses and contacts together when you travel.

Hello from New Mexico!  This week I’m traveling and while I’m having a great time here in the Land of Enchantment – the trip definitely did not start out so great.  The whole experience is making me re-think my packing philosophy to ensure I can actually see the next time I’m traveling.

Let me explain.  Saturday evening I arrived at the St. Louis airport with plenty of time to make my flight.  (This is not always the case – but it just happened to be this time.)  Anywho… I switched flights in Denver – again plenty of time for the connection – and I smoothy sailed into Albuquerque.   Unfortunately my bags did NOT.  And since I was on the last flight of the night from both Denver and St. Louis into ABQ – there was no chance I was going to get my luggage until the next morning – IF i was lucky.

Ugh – this was terrible!  I had carried nothing on –  besides my purse, computer and a heavy book I didn’t need.   I figured the hotel could provide me with some toothpaste and a tooth brush – but what about my contact lenses?  I had no solution or extra case.   Fortunately the hotel did have some contact lens solution but, of course, no contact lens case. I had no other option but to improvise by putting them in solution in a cup.

Trying to fall asleep I stewed over the state of my contact lenses.  Would they make it through the night in their make-shift “case?” What if they dried out?  I had no spare pair nor did I have my glasses.  Would I be walking around in a blur the next day?  How would I drive?   And why the heck did I not carry a contact lens case in my purse?  For the love of God – I work at an OPTICAL SUPPLY COMPANY!!  Amcon even sells the perfect product exactly for this purpose: the new Dual Eyeglass / Contact Lens Case which provides a protective, compact carrying case for both your glasses and your contacts.

When I get home – I swear I’m turning over a new leaf.  I promise to carry my new Dual Eyeglass / Contact Lens Case (preferably in lime green) in my computer bag with my glasses whenever I travel.  Or maybe I’ll finally get lasik…


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