Posted by: juliegriffey | March 16, 2015

Anatomical eye model could boost patient compliance

This week at Amcon, we are offering our anatomical eye model at a special price (the item of the week). I’ve always thought this was a cool little decorative eye model, but I’ve recently learned that the anatomical eye model can be a useful tool to promote patient compliance.

Studies have shown that in order for patients to comply with their course of treatment, they need to understand their affliction. Unfortunately, some medical conditions (with their big fancy names and processes) can be difficult to comprehend. Many people simply don’t get what their doctor is trying to tell them. In the medical field, patients who don’t understand their disease or condition are referred to as being “health illiterate,” and it is estimated that approximately 70% of the U.S. population fall into this category.

The problem is that it’s tricky for physicians to assess patients’ health literacy and take measures to improve understanding. One strategy is to use a closed loop communication system where patients are asked to reiterate what their doctor is telling them. Visual aids are another strategy used to help communicate the medical problem. When a patient sees where the problem is – they can better understand it, especially if they are visual learners.

And this is where the anatomical eye model comes into play. This model is highly detailed and dissects into 7 parts that include: top section, vitreous body, bottom section, lens (2 parts), iris, cornea. Using this eye model, doctors can clearly articulate a patient’s affliction, improve health literacy and better the patient’s compliance.


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