Posted by: courtneygrapperhaus | June 1, 2015

Exercise Your Eyes?


A few weeks ago I was trying to find new and different ways to exercise other than the same old push-ups and laps around the park. I stumbled on exercises for your eyes. According to WebMD,

A doctor may prescribe eye exercises to help people who:

  • Can’t focus their eyes in order to read
  • Have one eye that drifts outward or inward
  • Have undergone surgery and need to strengthen muscle control
  • Have strabismus or crossed eyes
  • Have amblyopia or ”lazy eye”
  • Have double vision
  • Have binocular vision problems (poor 3D vision)

Personally I had never considered “working out” my eyes. I like to do things that help relax my eyes, like using cucumber slices. I found out that there are several eye exercises available online. Eye exercises are thought to not only improve the strength of your eyes, but also improve your focus and stimulate your brain. In recent years, there have been several programs that make claims they will eliminate your need for glasses by having you follow their eye exercise program. Doctors have often dismissed these programs as non-effective and just a way to make money. One such program was even taken to court over misleading advertising. Many people require prescription glasses because of their eye anatomy which cannot be changed by just doing exercises.

Right now, eye exercise is not something I will be doing. If you are interested in starting any kind of eye exercises, you should consult with your eye doctor first.


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