Posted by: courtneygrapperhaus | June 18, 2015

Think Like A Freak

The VisionHelp Blog

No … No!  Not the Rick James version of Super Freak, though that was the title of Levitt & Dubner’s book that advanced the Freakonomics principle.

The entire audiobook of Think Like A Freak is well worth a listen if you have an aversion to reading, but if you only have two minutes, go to the 2:18:22 point and you’ll hear something special.

Here is the transcription of that clip, from pages 91-92 of the book:

“Trillions of dollars have been spent on worldwide education reforms, usually focused on overhauling the system in some way – smaller classrooms, better curricula, more testing, and so on.  But as we noted earlier, the raw material in the education system – the students themselves – are often overlooked.  Might there be some small, simple, cheap intervention that could help millions of students?

One in four children, it turns out, has subpar eyesight, while…

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