Posted by: courtneygrapperhaus | July 16, 2015

A Brief History of Contact Lenses

Amcon GAZEtte

A Glass Contact Lens

Last weekend an impromptu overnight visit to my parent’s house resulted in me wearing my contact lenses all night. Normally i am vigilant about removing my contacts for overnight disinfection and storage. Surprisingly, though, when I work up, my eyes didn’t feel that bad, and I actually didn’t bother to take them out for the rest of the day.

Wearing my contacts all night is something I could have never done a few generations of contacts ago, which makes me think that contacts must have improved significantly since I started wearing them in the late 1980s.

If we look a bit farther back, we can really see an evolution of the contact lens.  While the concept for the contact lens was first conceived in 1508 by Leonardo di Vinci, (yes, the artist),  it wasn’t until 379 years later that one was actually made and tested.  The first…

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