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arovin' with rollie stenson

Because I love to ride, I encourage others to use bicycles to get around town or get a little exercise or just have fun. Many people hesitate to join me because of the stigma created by “avid” cyclists dressed in colorful, tight-fitting  lycra, helmets, and the crazy shoes that make walking hilariously awkward.   Others are simply uncomfortable on a bicycle saddle; others are concerned about being on the road and in the traffic. Some mistakenly believe you have to be in good shape to ride a bicycle. A common excuse for not riding is they need “the right bike “.  One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “What kind of bike you have? “

I think this question is intended to find out how how fancy and expensive my bike is. The high cost of a “toy” like a bicycle (or a fishing boat or a motorcycle)may indicate…

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  1. Thanks for reposting my article. I hope it is helpful; building high-wrap eyewear is an art and can really set the practitioner (and their lab) apart. The formulas for compensating the doctor’s Rx to accomodate a wrap are fairly simple, but most eye care pros either bypass this step (and induce prism and cylinder) or opt for flat lens inserts behind the curved lenses. This is a less elegant option but is generally the best choice for prescriptions over +3.00D or -4.00D.
    Dive in; make somebody happy!

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