Posted by: tiffanyakraus | September 20, 2015

Technological Hide and Seek with new Facial Recognition Technology

I read two fascinating articles the other day. One was about the new Windows 10 update and the other was about a new type of glasses made in Japan. Both articles had to do with security and face recognition technology.

Windows 10’s new edition, “Windows Hello” now makes signing into your computer or laptop easier and safer with facial scanning technology. The Verge reports the new system adjusts to recognize the user is wearing glasses. The tech is so accurate, it can tell when an identical twin is trying to log into their sibling’s computer and deny the fradulent twin access! While this feature was tested in Australia with a small sample size, it would be interesting to see if the same results happen in a larger sample group.

Windows 10 Hello (Photo : Recode.Net)

Windows 10 Hello (Photo : Recode.Net)

In another part of the world, at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII), another shot at thwarting facial recognition tech has been revealed. People might remember them from a few years ago with their bulky LED lighted half-eye mask that would blind cameras. This device, the Privacy Visor, is something completely different and so much cooler. The Privacy Visor looks like an average pair of sunglasses with a titanium frame. The lens wraps around the front of the face with a white, customizable pattern on them. From the look of them, they do not use any special coatings (I would still suggest using AR-Kleen on them). Instead, the lens’ material itself tricks facial recognition software by sending light toward the camera.  With a price tag of $240USD, these will definitely be a pair of specs found in the trendy part of town. The Privacy Visor will be going on sale next year in Japan.


photo courtesy Tim Hornyak

So whether one wants to hide from recognition or secure their private computer, there are new options available.


Featured Image courtesy Tim Hornyak


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