Posted by: courtneygrapperhaus | September 27, 2015

Online Eyeglass Retailers

glasses onlineRecently there has been a surge of online eyeglass vendors. As someone who often goes online to find the best deals, I did some research on my options before I purchased my newest pair of glasses.

Going online not only gives you a wider variety of styles, but it also can give you a better deal. When I went to local optical shops I had a difficult time finding all the features I was looking for at a reasonable price. When I searched online I was able to find a lot more options but the major drawback was that I couldn’t actually try them on. There were several pairs in local stores that looked great until I put them on, then I discovered they didn’t look the way I thought they would. Some sites let you upload a picture of yourself and virtually “try on” the glasses to see if they complement your facial features. Other sites will even ship your top picks to your home with demo lenses for you to try on (Warby Parker and

Another consideration is not all glasses fit the same (some that I tried on had too narrow of a frame, while others were much too wide). If you are searching for a pair of glasses similar to your current pair you could measure your current glasses and order a pair online that are the same size. In my case, I wanted a different shape and frame material, so this wasn’t going to work.

My last pair of glasses needed adjusting twice in one year and a lot of the online retailers I found do not provide a way to get an adjustment, and if they do it usually requires shipping the glasses back to the company you purchase them from. If you purchase glasses from a brick-and-mortar store you can go in for a quick adjustment anytime you need to, or if you need a repair you can often go to where you purchased the glasses and have them fixed (usually for a fee).

{If your optical shop doesn’t have a lab to fix your frames they can use the Amcon Frame Repair Service.}

There is also the question of safety when it comes to online eyeglass retailers. According to the AOA, 44.8% of glasses purchased online had the wrong prescription or safety issues (such as sub-par impact resistance). If you do choose to purchase online, as with any other product, it is a good idea to research the company’s reputation and certifications.

Online purchases of eyeglasses continue to increase, as do online sales for many other products. Personally, I decided to visit my local optical shop and purchase my newest pair of glasses. However, going online doesn’t sound all that bad provided you choose a company that is reputable and provides you with the options you need.



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