Posted by: tiffanyakraus | January 10, 2016

Sclera Tattoos

It’s not uncommon to see people with bizarrely colored eyes because of contacts. What is unusual is to realize that what you are seeing isn’t a contact lens but a tattoo on the sclera.

Did that make you cringe? Yeah, it made me cringe too.

This tattoo has found its niche in the underground body modification scene. A scene where it isn’t unusual to see full body tattoos or subdermal implants.

The process isn’t tattooing in the traditional sense. Dye is injected into the sclera with a 27ga to 31ga needle. This can be done all over the white of the eye or just in spots. Different colors can be used on the same eye to make different affects. What isn’t possible at this time is to created sharp designs.

Complications are a major possibility for this body modification. While long term effects aren’t known because of the newness of the procedure, short term effects are ample. These include weeping dye, persistent headaches due to excessive ink, sensitivity to light (especially with red ink), and ink drifting to other tissue. There has been one case of ink migrating to the optic nerve. People who wear contact lenses tend to have a higher risk for complications.

More importantly, sclera tattoos are permanent. There is no way to remove the ink once it has been injected into the eye. During healing ink can be lost, but afterwards this is something you are stuck with more so than with other tattoos. Many professionals believe it would be far too risky to use laser ink removal on the eye.

Russ Foxx, a body modification artist from Vancouver, Canada, suggests those interested in the procedure to check with a trusted and open-minded ophthalmologist about complications before seeking out a veteran body-modification artist.

Whatever you decide to do with your body, make sure you know all the risks and make the safest choices for what you are doing.



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