Posted by: courtneygrapperhaus | March 27, 2016

What’s So Great About the Dry Eye Test

Here’s a blog from the past. Don’t forget to check out Amcon’s Dry Eye Test at

In 2006, Amcon introduced the Dry Eye Test (DET), a fluorescein strip test designed to accurately diagnose, monitor and detect dry eye. The Dry Eye Test was invented and endorsed by Doctor of Optometry, Donald R. Korb, and it is manufactured by Amcon.

The Dry Eye Test is unique and unlike traditional fluorescein strips, because it delivers a precise (1 µL) amount of fluorescein to the eye.  The small amount of fluorescein keeps the tear film volume minimized. When traditional fluorescein strips are used, the amount of resulting fluid in the eye is about 17 µL, however with DET – the amount of fluid is only 3 to 7 µL. Less fluid in the eye, causes less disruption to the stability of the tear film, allowing for a more accurate testing.

Another significant difference between DET and traditional fluorescein is that the DET strip is tapered.  It’s tip is approximately 80% smaller than the tip of a traditional fluorescein strip.  A smaller, more delicate tip causes less irritation to the patient, and less excess tearing.

Being able to accurately diagnose, monitor and treat dry eye is a beneficial for a optical practice, and the Dry Eye Test is a great tool to help you in this endeavor.


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