Posted by: courtneygrapperhaus | August 29, 2016

What can your dog actually see? and do we really know?

Did you go to Pet Palooza at Purina Farms this weekend? This blog may give you insight into how your dog saw the festivities.

Amcon GAZEtte

The question has often been raised about what dogs see versus what their human companions see.  Many people believe that dogs only see the world in black and white. I was one of these people until my husband and I adopted Dorothy. After witnessing her pick out the orange ball from the other colored balls several times, we both came to realize that dogs must see color to some extent. That prompted me to do some research.

Dorothy through a human's eyes VS Dorothy in Dorothy through a human’s eyes VS Dorothy in “Dog Vision” (image created at

Aside from just 2 articles, one published in 1995 and one in 2013, I was surprised to find very little scholarly research on the subject. “Because a multitude of factors are involved in the sensation of vision, the outwardly simple question of how well dogs see is, in reality, quite complicated.” (Vision in Dogs by Paul E. Miller, DVM…

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