Posted by: lauraszewczyk | May 8, 2017

Small Toys Make Big Differences!

ch8103Visiting the doctor can be a scary moment for children.  They may not be familiar with the faces or environment and don’t know what to expect.  At least I know this was definitely the case for me when I was a kid.

In fact, I remember my very first visit to the dentist, and I must admit I was slightly traumatized.  This place was unfamiliar territory and there were strangers walking around wearing colorful funky “pajamas.”  Even though everyone was very nice and attentive, I cried and begged my mom to take me home.  However, once the nurse opened this mysterious drawer and pulled out a butterfly finger puppet, this whole visit did not seem so bad.  Even though it was just a little toy, I was no longer afraid and even looked forward to coming back.

With that in mind, if children are part of your clientele, having toys they can play with (or even take home) could be extremely beneficial for your practice in terms of making the patient’s visit as comfortable as possible. Dr. Gary S. Schwartz mentions in his book, “The Eye Exam: A Complete Guide” that having toys in the office can be very handy during children’s appointments. Having toys can show that the doctor is “fun and, therefore, not someone to be feared (16).”

Amcon carries over a dozen fun and playful items that can be used as a source of comfort and entertainment for the young patients at your office.  Stretchy frogs, smiley poppers, and, my personal favorite, animal finger puppets are just a few.  We even carry children’s books that center around wearing glasses. (“Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals”   and “Randy Kazandy, Where are Your Glasses?” ), and a silly singing puppet to distract your youngest patients. Check out these items in our Kid’s Corner and bring some fun to your office!

Source: Schwartz, Gary S. “Examining Children.” The Eye Exam: A Complete Guide. Thorofare, NJ: SLACK, 2006. 15-16. Print.


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